futuretext applies machine learning techniques to complex problems in the IoT (Internet of Things) and Telecoms domains. We aim to provide a distinct competitive advantage to our customers through application of machine learning techniques

Created by industry thought leader Ajit Jaokar in 1999, our research is based on two courses conducted by Ajit:  Big Data for Telecoms at Oxford University and the newly launched citysciences program program at UPM ( Technical University of Madrid) which apply machine learning techniques to IoT and Smart cities applications.

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expertise and focus areas

We work on complex projects which use Machine learning algorithms to provide a distinct competitive advantage to our clients. Our areas of focus include Sensor fusion techniques, Real Time algorithms (ex Apache Spark) and Deep learning. We apply machine learning techniques to the IoT and Telecoms datasets.

Domain areas include: Industrial Internet and Supply chain, Environmental Monitoring, Infrastructure Management including critical infrastructure, Energy Management, Medical and Healthcare Systems, Building and Home Automation, Transport and automotive Systems and Smart cities

products and services

Our consulting services cover everything needed to implement Machine Learning for IoT and Telecoms including: Algorithm design, Strategy and vision planning, New product and service development, Proof of concept projects, analytics engines etc


We have worked with a range of Clients spanning Telecoms, IoT and Machine learning including:

Telecom Operators , Mobile and handset vendors: Telefonica, OMTP, GSMA, AT&T,   Gemalto, SIM alliance, Sandisk, Palringo, Ecrio, LG

Academia and Research : Oxford University, Technical University of Madrid, Webinos

Smart Cities: City of Liverpool, City of Amsterdam

Technology: Microsoft, Skype, IBM, itsmy , Xtract

Tech policy: European Internet Foundation


We are Ajit Jaokar, Xi Sizhe. Lee Omar
Advisory : Tony Fish, Tomi Ahonen

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